A mission to bring education to Haiti

There is a perfect emoji for your face right now… Face With Raised Eyebrow on Apple iOS 11.2 “Stacy… on a trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti? Ohhhhkaaay?”

A few years ago, my friend Kim took me to see “Girl Rising.” This film came along at a time when my entire life was shifting. The stories of these children and young women moved me; girls bonded into labor at the age of six, all their stories were a struggle and fight to pursue knowledge and truth. There are moments where I pause to think about my own kids or my friend’s little girls. In another country, a similar little girl may not be reading or playing. Instead, they’re washing dishes, cleaning, folding laundry, or cooking as a best-case scenario.

If you know me, you are familiar with my assertive nature when I am passionate about a topic. If you know me, you know that I am outspoken on women’s rights, politics, golf and sports, and golden retrievers. I don’t’ often share this side of me. This passion that I have for education, and the world community. So I admit that this is a vulnerable moment for me to show this part of my heart. If you know me, you will have already realized that I have set my mind and heart to this. I will stop at nothing to see it through, even though you may think I’m crazy for doing this.

This documentary was the fire that lit a passion and belief that education lifts entire communities.  Giving young people the opportunity to learn radically shifts culture and moves civilizations forward. Education is empowering, especially for women. An educational mission trip through my Church, Westminster Presbyterian in Durham, has presented itself as the perfect opportunity to realize this passion.

So, I am humbly asking for a donation. I am not quite sure what to expect, but I know this is something much bigger than myself. It is bigger than any embarrassment I have asking for help to get to Haiti to share resources and time.

Haiti needs love, attention, and more resources than you are I have to turn the country around. They are the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and their educational system is a tragedy. But, there is a hope and belief that I have that if access to education and knowledge can create radical change. If one little girl or boy can find a path to higher education or skill, this can lift the entire community.

Your donation will me raise money for supplies and the cost of the trip to give little boys and girls a different perspective and experience.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Financial donation
  2. Thoughts/Prayers for a safe and successful trip
  3. Support by following along on my blog: stacywhitenight.com

“You can hear something over and over and over and over and over and still not really hear it. It does not click. No lo comprendo. Until you’re ready to hear it. And then it is defeaning.”

– Jen Sincero

Trip Details

Who: Westminster Presbyterian Church of Durham is hosting a mission into one of the Haiti Outreach Ministries schools to work with 4-year olds – 2nd graders. The teachers at Westminster School for Young Children are putting spearheading an engaging curriculum to share and leave behind for future students and teachers at the school.

What: The curriculum’s theme is “Puzzles, Patterns, and Parts.”

When: April 14th-21st

Where: Menelas, Haiti (Port Au Prince)

Why: Education is the only way out of poverty for the people of Haiti and through attention, love, and sharing resources we can directly help these children be successful.