2019 Haiti Mission Trip








People who change the world

Every so often, we get to meet amazing people. In America, we celebrate the lives of singers, actors, and wealthy entrepreneurs. Maybe they are amazing people, but it’s never been my style to attach to celebrity. I appreciate the good work they do - entertainers make...


Some relationships are a struggle. Most of us have the quintessential struggle relationship: estranged family members, annoying friends of friends, and forced work relationships. They come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of how great we are at “adulting” we can...

Sunday is for

The temperature is just too perfect to get out of bed so early. But, the smell of coffee is my motivation. My roomie is showering and I know she probably hates the warmer room. I know Jon would have complained all through the night, but it’s perfect for me. Sunday is...

A snippet of Port au Prince

A successful arrival to Haiti. We all made it. Well, except my water bottle. I am banging my head on the wall about leaving my Hydroflask in the airport. Keep your snickers and “surprise” face to yourself, Jeff. At least my phone made it! It doesn’t matter what Haiti...

How do you get ready for a mission trip to Haiti?

I am not nervous about my mission trip to Haiti, but I am feeling fussy about my packing for this adventure. I am notorious for underpacking for any and every type of trip. Traumatized by my parent's methods of excessive packing as a child for vacation, combined with...

Universe of Change

There is a small spark that lights a fire for all of us. It can be a talent, a passion, or maybe we have squashed it all the way down into a curiosity. When the universe sends out a little message that says "Hey, check this out..." and your ears perk up. Sometimes you...

Bring Education to Haiti

On April 14, 2018 I will join a group of volunteers on a mission to bring education to Haiti. Come along with me on this journey as I meet new people, discover a new country, and server a higher purpose.

Fun and Cheap DIY Projects for Families

The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area is filled with fun activities for families. While there are many engaging activities in the Triangle, sometimes, just sticking around the house is the best way to spend an afternoon. Here are a few projects your crew can tackle together:

What's Next With Haiti?

The trip to Haiti in April 2018 was a sensational experience. I was so inspired by the kids, teachers, and other volunteers – truly life changing! Education and technology are my passion and Haiti provides an amazing opportunity to share my professional experiences and dedication to education and technology. In 2019 I am working closely with the Westminster and HOM teams to bring tablets into the classroom to complement HOM school curriculum. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities where you may be able to help this incredible initiative!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

― Jen Sincero

My Journey

My name is Stacy Whitenight and I live in North Carolina. I am excited to start 2018 on an adventurous note. It’s not just about exploring new places though, adventures come in many forms. I am determined to push myself out of my comfort zone(s) to learn and share the amazing things life is just waiting for us to pick up. For too long I have been hiding behind the desk, my devices, behind excuses and have forgotten the sense of wonder. I invite you to read, share, laugh, and volunteer to explore alongside me as I start this journey to open new ways to let the light shine through.

photo taken by Heather Lauffer Photography

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